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In this blog, let’s talk about how to organize your image files in Ontraport. When you upload images into Ontraport for use on a page or an email, the files go into a general repository of images that is available from the page, email, and form editors.

It’s nice that any image you upload is available throughout the platform; however, the collection can easily get out of hand. Organizing your images with tags will make it easier to find what you need and re-use what you already created.

Why organize image files with tags?

Most businesses have a few images they use over and over again (logos, favicons, etc.), and it can take a lot of scrolling to find the earliest images you uploaded when you want to re-use them.

To avoid this issue you can organize image files with Ontraport’s image tagging feature.

I highly recommend you get in the habit of tagging all or most of the images you upload. A few easy categories can be super useful. I commonly use the following tags:

  1. Favicons
  2. Logos
  3. Backgrounds
  4. Email headers
  5. Page headers
  6. Client Name (for images of the business owner)
  7. Testimonials (for headshots provided with testimonials)
  8. Product X | Launch Month Year (to designate images specific to a launch period)

These are just a few examples, but you can make any tags that make sense for your business and which will add ease to your processes.

How do you add image tags?

Whether in the email, form or page editor, follow the steps you would to add any image. Once you are in the image repository:

  1. Click the checkbox on the top left of any individual image
  2. Click the +ADD button on the left side of the section
  3. Add any of your existing tags from the dropdown, or click +NEW TAG to create a new one

That’s it! Once you have started tagging your images, the tags will be listed on the left whenever you open the image repository. You can click any tag to see the images in that category.

Note: an image can have multiple tags so it shows up in multiple categories. For example, a banner image used in emails that includes your photo on it can be tagged as both ‘Header’ and ‘Me.’

I encourage you to organize the image files in your Ontraport account so it’s easier to find what you need and re-use those visual assets that you put so much care into creating!

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