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Alejandra provides excellent communication, thorough planning and attention to detail. I'm often surprised at how little I have to do and how much Alejandra takes work off my plate.

Alejandra handling our Ontraport projects allows me focus on our customers, our affiliate partners and the our long term planning. She takes care of our business as if it was her own.”

Jason Hilkey :: Happily Family


"We’ve been working with Alejandra for over a year and it is one of the best decisions we’ve made in our business.

She is a consummate professional, understanding briefs quickly and in great detail so that she is able to create solutions that work perfectly. Alejandra’s calm and approachable manner makes everyone in our team feel comfortable and confident that the ideal solution we’re looking for will be achievable.

Alejandra always delivers on time, on budget and without issues. She is a fabulous professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Paolo Pini :: Language Angels

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“The best parts of working with Alejandra are her prompt responses, and how her explainer videos show not only how-to do things in Ontraport, but also why they should be done that way.

Alejandra is very knowledgeable about Ontraport, responsive and a joy to work with ”

Mary Maloney :: Revealing Genius


“Alejandra is lightning fast, and always knows or finds the answer. I never have to worry that she won't follow through for us!

Alejandra is super responsive and goes above and beyond to make sure we feel empowered to use Ontraport to it's greatest advantage for our business.”

Megan Ericson :: The Yoga Abbey

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Alejandra is an operational dream come true and will work wonders for your business!!

Having Alejandra's help moving to Ontraport was a godsend! I was completely intimidated by Ontraport even though I felt like it was the best choice for my needs.

I trust Alejandra 100% with my business and operational needs. Not only does she understand all the intricacies of Ontraport SO WELL, but she genuinely cares about my business. It really feels like she's on my team and wants my work to succeed! AND: she delights in making my life easier and helping things run as smoothly as possible, for which I am eternally grateful!

I sleep easy at night knowing I have Alejandra at the helm of my Ontraport ship!! <-- which also frees up my time to focus on the parts of my business I love the best: actually working with people and making new things!!

My Ontraport is ON FIRE! The systems work! Seamlessly! Everything happens as it's supposed to, without me needing to check on things all the time. It And that brings me so much peace and ease!

Having Alejandra on board and the care she takes with my systems and business in general has helped me relax, which has led to a new burst of creative energy!

Plus, now when I have new ideas, I don't get blocked trying to figure out HOW to make things happen. Alejandra is so magical at taking all the pieces of a project in my head and just MAKING THEM MAKE SENSE and then implementing them. It really does feel like magic to me! ”

Tiffany Han ::


“Alejandra came highly recommended by a close friend and colleague of mine, and I'm convinced that she made transferring my 13 year old business to Ontraport a zillion times easier than it would have been otherwise.

She is not only super knowledgeable about everything that can be done inside this platform, but her recommendations on how to make it work for *my* business were spot on. On top of that, she enjoys her work, cares about her clients and is super reliable.

It didn't take long to make me the one who's giving her the high recommendation! I hope to be working with her for years to come.”

Michelle Ward :: 90 Day Business Launch

Michelle W
Chris-Anne (2)

“Alejandra is one of the most professional consultants I have ever worked with. I am so happy to have her help us build out our platform! She goes above and beyond... works in English and Spanish which is great for our team, and even if we have a strange request or uncommon question she is one of those people who says "I will find out!" and then she does. She is autonomous, fast and meticulous, and she always makes us feel like we are in good hands. All that PLUS being kind and easy to work with? I would recommend her in a heart beat! (Is it bad to want to keep her a secret and all to ourselves?) I can't say enough about her fantastic work.”

Chris-Anne ::


“Working with Alejandra is a dream come true.  While her tech knowledge of the platforms my business runs on (Ontraport and AccessAlly) is incredible, what I love most about working with her is her willingness to learn my business and her responsiveness. 

When I want to make a change or add something new, she is on board from the moment I reach out to her.  And she will make suggestions to streamline what I am trying to accomplish.

She will also provide videos of her using the tech so my team and I understand what is happening. And she is extremely responsive.  When I send in a request she let’s me know when she can get to it and I always know her upcoming out of office dates which is helpful as I plan my quarters and months.

You will not be disappointed if you hire Alejandra.  She is one of the most valuable members of my team.”

Stacey Brown Randall :: Growth By Referrals

Stacey Brown Randall
Stephan Kesting

“Alejandra was a huge help in revamping my site, shopping cart and sales process.  She is very responsive to my requests and very meticulous in her work.

I have worked with many different contractors and employees since 2002 for my website, and Alejandra has been one of the very best.  I highly recommend her and her company.”

Stephan Kesting :: Grapplearts


“Hiring Alejandra is one of the single best business decisions I have ever made.  In fact, I can't sing her praise enough. I, like so many entrepreneurs, have struggled to find the perfect system and person to make my implementation dreams come true and Alejandra?  She's the real deal.  She's efficient, knowledgeable, careful, and considerate.  And she makes MAGIC happen.  In fact, she can pretty much solve any problem I have with Ontraport.  And if she can't do it personally?  She knows who can.

I was so reticent to make the switch to Ontraport, because frankly?  It can be a beast of a program.  But she's eager to train myself and other members on my team to get the daily tasks of entrepreneur-dom managed, so she can keep the big picture in check.  Together, we've created systems that manage nearly half a million in revenue, all on Ontraport.  I wouldn't trust anyone else with my accounts other than her.  As long as she's ontraportin', I'll be happily paying her ridiculously reasonable monthly invoices that come my way.  Because every penny spent on Alejandra is utterly worth it.”

Makenna Held :: Leadership Recipe and La Peetch


“Alejandra is efficient, effective and responsible with a high degree of initiative aimed at providing the best system set up possible.

Alejandra knows her stuff when it comes to maximizing the benefits of Ontraport and is swift, even with complex systems, and communicates clearly. All that translated into me not having to worry that the work was getting done and getting done right.

She does what she says she's going to do, when she says she's going to do it and does all of THAT with a high level of expertise and knowledge. ”

Dr. Jennifer McCabe :: Lead.Gather.Relate


“I know the term "game changer" can be cliche but working with Alejandra truly has been a game changer for me. As the owner of marketing agency I've worked with a lot of contractors and freelancers over the years. I've found some to be talented but not always reliable. Others were reliable but lacking in the talent department. But Alejandra excels in both areas! She's not just good at what she does - she's amazing!

I'm not really a good manager if I'm honest - it's one of my weaknesses. So I need to work with people who don't need hand holding or constant oversight. And that's what I love about Alejandra. I let her know what I want accomplished with Ontraport and she can just make it happen.

Alejandra has made such an impact on my business that I find myself  saying, "I need to find someone like Alejandra for ____ [insert other trade like web development, copywriting, etc.]." So yes, I HIGHLY recommend Alejandra if you want to work with the best.”

Josh Monen :: Joshua Monen

Josh Monen

Alejandra is super responsive, very clear and detail oriented and just made the migration process so seamless and painless. Her ongoing support has been amazing and I can't imagine working with anyone else when it comes to Ontraport. She is fabulous to work with!

Alejandra helped us set up Ontraport and made it very easy to start using it right away without having to go through tons of tutorials or learn it on our own. She did a wonderful job of explaining how Ontraport is different than Mailchimp and how they compare so that we had a good understanding of the language differences which was very beneficial as that can be confusing.”

Christy Gaudet :: HeatherAsh Amara


“If you are transitioning to Ontraport or want to get more out of what you do, don't hesitate to hire Alejandra. Her expertise and delight in figuring out simple solutions to complex database issues and her speed and attention to detail is unparalleled.
We have been able to create new systems and funnels, and brainstorm systems flow, which would have been nearly impossible without her.​​​​​”


“Alejandra is very easy to communicate with. She is not shy when it comes to offering suggestions, ideas, or improvements. Rather than just taking orders, she is in charge of the system. I set out the business requirements and she comes up with the right solution for how the campaigns should be engineered.

For me the biggest bonus is the speed at which Alejandra 'gets it'. I do not have to waste time explaining how the business process should work. Very little time is wasted just trying to get on the same page.”

John Corey :: Property Fortress


“Alejandra was amazingly fast, detailed, and really about doing the best work possible for my business. I didn’t have to worry that the tech side of my business was taken care of.

DETAILS and making sure that nothing got missed. She's amazing at following every step of a process and understanding where things could go wrong and fixing them before they happen!
Alejandra always knows the answer and when she doesn’t, she figures it out”

Rebecca Tracey :: The Uncaged Life


Thanks SO much Alejandra! You make stressful things like launches and Ontraport so much less stressful, I appreciate your detailedness and responsiveness.

Camille Virginia:: Master Offline Dating


“Working with Alejandra is an absolute pleasure.  She is competent, responsive and a valuable member of my team.  I have been in business for over 20 years and fully understand that I will never know it all.  My key to success is identifying and partnering with rock stars.  They make me look good and allow me to focus on my strengths.  Alejandra is my rock star when it comes to Ontraport.”

Rick Bisio :: The Educated Franchisee


“I get the basic concepts of the world of internet marketing & business automation. But let's be honest, I'm busy running my own business and I really don't have the time or desire to become an expert on Ontraport. After working with Alejandra on a couple quick projects, I quickly came to the conclusion that hiring an expert to do implementation my ideas is way better use of my time than me trying to figure out how to do the same work. Working with Alejandra has been awesome. She “gets“ my business & brand so well, and outsourcing the real work to her has been a no brainer.”

Rich Prado :: Play In School


“There is always a fear when working with someone new, especially when it comes to implementing technical things, that the person won't know your business well enough to execute perfectly or will miss important things that you don't even know you need. From our first call I felt extremely confident Alejandra knew what she was doing and could take care of my transition to Ontraport without any trouble. Throughout the project, she reinforced that feeling and everything went smoothly and stress-free. I couldn't have asked for a better partner on this project. She kept me in the loop during the whole process to calm my nerves and make me feel like everything was getting taken care of and I had nothing to worry about.

Alejandra took the stress and hassle out of upgrading my business with Ontraport. She made the process seem easy and straight-forward and allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business, knowing this big task was getting taken care of.

Alejandra put clear steps in place to complete our projects, helps me understand what needs to be done, and points out all the necessary details I would have never have thought of. I now feel super confident that my systems and processes are in place, and best of all, working for me at growing my business.”


“Alejandra has been an integral part of my team for almost 4 years. She's always there when we need her and has a knack for finding ways to save us time and headaches by automating 80% of our processes.

I was hesitant to hire her 4 years ago since our budget was tight, but now I realize if I hadn't taken the leap of faith it would have taken a LOT longer to hit seven figures than it has.

Alejandra's automations easily save us the cost of 2 full time team members today and more importantly ensures our clients are taken care of quicker than we could ever do manually.
She's worth every penny.”


“Ontraport has so many ways to optimize your systems and in order to really ensure we were utilizing it the right way, we needed an expert. I was told she is extremely knowledgeable and completes deadlines. I like that Alejandra knows the ins and outs of Ontraport and can help us simplify our processes and that she always completes her projects in a timely manner.

She is  focused, timely, knowledgeable, and take her job seriously. Alejandra is professional and keep us on track with the best methods to ensuring that our businesses run with functionality and that we deliver to our clients.”

Kim Strobel :: Strobel Education and Kim Strobel


“We’ve been Ontraport users for over six years, but when it came time to develop our online courses both from a sales standpoint and delivery of the courses we knew we were in over our heads. We interviewed several Ontraport Certified experts and chose Alejandra Ortega and we are thrilled with our decision.

Her title is "Chief of Making it Happen” which certainly describes her work ethic and her skills. I think she should change it to “Chief of Making it Happen Quickly and Accurately.” We simply could not give her a higher recommendation than “Outstanding!”

Alejandra knows what she is doing and she and her team get the job done. You couldn’t make a better choice than to work with Alejandra. ”

Rem Jackson :: Top Practices


“I was intimidated by switching to Ontraport. I just wouldn't do it, but Alejandra was the obvious choice to help once I decided to take the leap. I know without a shadow of a doubt that she has the highest amount of integrity of anyone I've ever worked with before. I know she is masterful at what she does. I feel deeply supported. I know I can count on her to not just be there, but to give me the highest level of work in the most efficient way.

Technical issues used to stop me in my tracks ( for days, weeks and even months ). Now my business is moving forward smoothly because of Alejandra’s help. I no longer sweat any sort of technical need or challenge. ever. My life is more peaceful because I'm no longer banging my head on the table. Hire Alejandra. Period. There is no one better to help you switch to Ontraport, help you manage the platform, make you links that always work... she is just amazing.”

Catherine Just :: Catherine Just Photography