Ongoing Support

Expert help when you need it.

Do you need ongoing support with your systems?


You can hire me on a monthly retainer so I’m always there when you need me.

  • Retainers start at 5 hours per month, but we can pick the level that works for you
  • Retainer fees are due in advance of services, on the first of each month


Need more occasional support?

If you don’t think you have enough work to fill a retainer, you can hire me for occasional help on an hourly basis.

  • My hourly rate is $200.00 per hour
Testimonials PP

"We’ve been working with Alejandra for over a year and it is one of the best decisions we’ve made in our business.

She is a consummate professional, understanding briefs quickly and in great detail so that she is able to create solutions that work perfectly. Alejandra’s calm and approachable manner makes everyone in our team feel comfortable and confident that the ideal solution we’re looking for will be achievable.

Alejandra always delivers on time, on budget and without issues. She is a fabulous professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Paolo Pini :: Language Angels

If You're Ready to Work With Me

let's have a chat.

Your investment

starting at $200
  • Let’s talk about your needs

"Alejandra is not shy when it comes to offering suggestions, ideas, or improvements. Rather than just taking orders, she is in charge of the system. I set out the business requirements and she comes up with the right solution for how the campaigns should be engineered."

John Corey :: Property Fortress

Meet Your

Ontraport Hero

Hey there! I’m Alejandra Ortega, (also known as The Chief of Making it Happen and your secret sanity-saver). I’m a certified Ontraport expert, and the systems-savvy strategist behind dozens of Ontraport accounts.

As an Ontraport specialist, it’s my job to help clients run their Ontraport accounts smoothly and keep everything in order.

“Working with Alejandra is an absolute pleasure. She is competent, responsive and a valuable member of my team. I have been in business for over 20 years and fully understand that I will never know it all. My key to success is identifying and partnering with rock stars. They make me look good and allow me to focus on my strengths. Alejandra is my rock star when it comes to Ontraport.”

Rick Bisio :: The Educated Franchisee