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Let’s talk about how you can copy and re-use blocks in Ontraport pages. If you have built an Ontraport page and have a block that you want to re-use, there is no need to build it again from scratch. In this blog we’re going to cover these three time and effort-saving scenarios:

  1. How to duplicate a block within the same page
  2. How to copy a block from one page to another
  3. How to create Global blocks so that you can make changes in one place and have them apply on multiple pages

As usual, the write up with step by step instructions is below the video.

How to copy blocks on the same Ontraport page

To duplicate a block within a page:

  1. Click the Gear icon on the right of your block
  2. Click the Copy Block Icon
  3. Click the Gear icon again
  4. Click the arrow icons to move your block to its desired position

How to copy a block from another page

If you are in an Ontraport page and you want to use a block that you created in a different page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Block icon (the + sign)
  2. Click Copy From Existing Page
  3. Choose your page from the dropdown
  4. Your page will load in the main screen area. Scroll to find your block, and click it

The block will load into your page and you can use the Edit Block and arrow buttons to move it to your desired position.

Use Favorites for even easier access

Now, you can make this even easier for yourself by adding blocks you know you will want to re-use to your Favorites. In any page where you have a block you like:

  1. Click Edit Block
  2. Click the Heart icon on the top right

If you have added blocks to Favorites, then anytime you want to use them you can:

  1. Click the Add Block icon (the + sign)
  2. Click Favorites
  3. Find your block, and click it to add it to the page

How to use Global Blocks

We have covered how to copy and re-use single blocks in individual instances. Global blocks can be added to a page in a similar way as regular blocks, but what sets them apart is that a Global Block can be edited in one place and have the changes applied in every page where they have been added.

Global block have many uses and applications, but the most common ones I see are navigation/header blocks that have a lot of links in them, and footer pages with copyright references to the current year.

To create a Global Block

  1. Click the Edit Block icon
  2. Click the Globe icon on the top right
  3. A dialogue will come up to ask if you are sure. Click Convert Block
  4. The block will open in its own editor. You can name it, and then click Save
  5. Click Back to return to your original page

Your block is now global and will be available to add into any other pages going forward.

To add/use a Global Block

  1. Click the Add Block icon (the + sign)
  2. Click Global Blocks
  3. Find your block, and click it to add it to the page

So there you have it. Three ways to copy and re-use your blocks on Ontraport pages to increase efficiency and make the most out of the work you already did!

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