Account Audit and Cleanup

Do you have trouble finding things in your Ontraport account?

Do you have trouble finding things in your Ontraport account?

Are you not sure what's in use and what isn't?

Have too many forms and pages to keep straight?

Have no idea what sequences (yes, from before campaigns) are still active and sending out emails?


You need an Ontraport Account Audit and Cleanup

What is an audit and clean up?

It is a thorough review of everything in your Ontraport account to establish its age, origin, and use so you can make decisions about what to keep and what to pause or delete. Including:








Tracked Links

Affiliate links

Others as specific to your account

Why is this important?

  • Because you don't want outdated lead magnets still on offer or, even worse, outdated programs and prices still floating out and about, available to anyone who finds them.
  • Because you know you made mistakes before you really learned how Ontraport works, and those are still somewhere in there.
  • Because you've had 5 different people work in your account over the years, and nobody knows what's what anymore.

Issues I have seen in accounts:

  • Forms giving access to paid programs for free, ​​
  • One-time webinar reminders going out every year,
  • Outdated email offers sent out to every new contact.
  • Duplicate and misspelled tags​​​​​​​ creating confusion and mistakes
  • Tens of thousands of unsubscribed contacts clogging up an account and costing money in extra fees.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If You're Ready to Book Your Audit

and Get a Handle On Your Ontraport Account.

Your investment

starting at $2,000
  • Let’s talk about your account

"Alejandra is not shy when it comes to offering suggestions, ideas, or improvements. Rather than just taking orders, she is in charge of the system. I set out the business requirements and she comes up with the right solution for how the campaigns should be engineered."

John Corey :: Property Fortress

Meet Your

Ontraport Hero

Hey there! I’m Alejandra Ortega, (also known as The Chief of Making it Happen and your secret sanity-saver). I’m a certified Ontraport expert, and the systems-savvy strategist behind dozens of Ontraport accounts..
As an Ontraport specialist, it’s my job to help clients run their Ontraport accounts smoothly and keep everything in order. But sometimes you lose track of things, and that's why I'm ready to get you back on track. 

When we partner together on cleaning up your account, you can trust that your brand and business has a cohesive and current presence because there aren't outdated products, offers, or lead magnets out there confusing your audience. And you can rest easy knowing you aren't sending out any emails you don't know about. 


“I didn’t have to worry that the tech side of my business was taken care of.

Alejandra always knows the answer and when she doesn’t, she figures it out”

Rebecca Tracey :: The Uncaged Life

Here’s How it works:

Click the button to schedule a free, no-obligation initial call with Alejandra to decide whether I’m the right fit for your needs.

Once we've signed an agreement and you’ve paid your deposit, you'll give me login details and I will get to work.

You kick back and relax while I put together a guide to what's in your account.

Then I present you the guide with any comments or recommendations on how to proceed with the information I uncovered. We can do this over a call, or in a recorded video.

If you ask me to, I can implement a few of my simplest recommendations like pausing sequences or re-naming assets for clarity.

The cleanup is tailored
to the contents of your account.

“Alejandra puts clear steps in place to complete our projects, helps me understand what needs to be done, and points out all the necessary details I would have never have thought of.”

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