Vision Fatigue to Vision Fantastic


Your business isn’t just a business. . .

. . . It’s your life’s work.

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been working at it for a while, if you are not sure how to take the next step, one thing’s for sure: having help you can trust can set you free.

Introducing Vision Fatigue to Vision Fantastic: A simple business assistance service for people who understand that asking for help is the smart thing to do.

Because you don’t need more training or another business book. You need more time, and someone to help you stop planning and start doing.

And that’s where I come in.

I am going to help you seal the energy leaks in your business.

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I’ve created Vision Fatigue to Vision Fantastic to help you because I know you can’t do it all yourself—so let’s do it together. You’ve waited long enough. I will help you create ease around your soul business. In sum, I help you turn the business you have into the business you want. I help you:

  • Identify systems that can increase your productivity.
  • Implement those systems and teach you to manage them.
  • Reduce the time you spend managing your business.
  • Free up time to develop, create, or fine-tune your vision and offerings.
  • Get taken seriously by your family, your friends, and your colleagues.
  • Be business proud.
  • And most importantly, feel the peace and self-satisfaction that comes with plopping down on the sofa, looking around you, and really enjoying what you’ve created. Your business.

Bottom line: I’ll come in and help your business become the minimal-supervision-required version of itself—so you can get back to other things. Like that nagging, recurring great idea that won’t let you go. And that thing called your life.

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This is what healing in your business looks like:

  • Our First Date: half hour complimentary phone or Skype consult– where we talk your business, ideas and desires. This gives you a chance to meet me and feel whether I can help you hold your vision.
  • First Base: Five hours of work on your top two priorities. You give me the two things that are keeping you stuck, so you can stop thinking about those and move on to bigger and better things. I will do some research and contact you with follow-up questions.
  • The Moment of Truth: A phone or Skype consult to discuss my work. I will have results for us to review and the sky will open and the sun will shine (weather effects may vary).

For $450 I will set you free so you can run toward the business you desire — or leisurely walk, whatever makes you happy.


It may be that the solution to the question you give me is of a more long-term variety, or something very detailed that may take more than 5 hours. Generally we would realize this during follow-up questions. If this happens, I will have a plan and an estimate of time it would take to complete the task, and all my research and insight will make it much easier for you to make a decision on it.

How do we start? Book an initial consult and we can talk about your needs!

Book a consult!

  •  What if I don’t know what my two toughest problems are? No worries, I will help you figure it out.
  • Will I get to express my opinion? Of course! This is about YOU and YOUR business.
  • Will I have to change how I do everything? No, we won’t reinvent any wheels. We will start where you are and build from there.
  • What if I mostly like what I have–and just want you to come in and freshen things up? I can do that! And my perspective added to yours will get you re-energized and coming up with new ideas