Love from my Clients. I love them, too.

She kept me in the loop during the whole process to calm my nerves and make me feel like everything was getting taken care of and I had nothing to worry about.

There is always a fear when working with someone new, especially when it comes to implementing technical things, that the person won’t know your business well enough to execute perfectly or will miss important things that you don’t even know you need. From our first call I felt extremely confident Alejandra knew what she was doing and could take care of my transition to Ontraport without any trouble. Throughout the project, she reinforced that feeling and everything went smoothly and stress-free. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner on this project.

Alejandra took the stress and hassle out of upgrading my business with Ontraport. She made the process seem easy and straight-forward and allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business, knowing this big task was getting taken care of. I now feel super confident that my systems and processes are in place, and best of all, working for me at growing my business.” :: Leah Kalamakis at The Freelance to Freedom Project and


The Chief of Making it Happen makes me feel like a weight is taken off my shoulders.

Alejandra is very responsive, has great listening skills, and I feel like I can tell her everything. I fully trust her with my thoughts and ideas. The greatest benefit of working with Alejandra is the feeling of having a business confidant. She makes me feel like I am not alone in my journey.” :: Maru Iabichela at The Happy Entrepreneur


Trustworthy, super capable, responsive and lovely.

“Alejandra has been a brilliant addition to a solopreneurs toolkit! I can hand over things that take up my time needlessly, work on the things that bring me income, and I feel totally supported with Alejandra. I had had help before, but they haven’t been as au fait with online business stuff.
Alejandra is a perfect fit for my clients and needs. I get great feedback and know she gets what I am doing!” :: Jo Gifford at Dexterous Diva


So much of my energy is freed up because I don’t have to worry about certain things.


“I like that Alejandra is a high-performer. She doesn’t need for me to manage her. I just give her a task and she handles it. I don’t have to follow-up or worry that she didn’t understand me. It’s literally outsourcing. I hand it out and it gets done. Like a dream, it’s delicious. So much of my energy is freed up because I don’t have to worry about certain things.

Before I hired Alejandra, I knew I needed help, but I just didn’t think there would be someone that could understand what I needed. I had tried to get help from multiple people with copywriting, website design, etc., and I paid very willingly for these services, but it was always so disappointing, so I felt like getting help was futile. My whole vision for my business is that I conduct it in a way that keeps me in my joy, and I was having to think of learning how to do all these things I didn’t care to know how to do. I felt deflated and hopeless. Alejandra makes even unpleasant things fun, and I have even done things that I never would have thought I would do before.

By implementing new tools and processes, Alejandra has helped me get my business to a level where I can focus on where it needs to go, not where it needs to be right now anymore. The current level is self-sustaining, so I can look to the future. She has educated and given me some self-sufficiency in areas that were completely overwhelming before she came along. There were things I had wanted to do for a long time that were easily put into function once Alejandra came along. I wanted to send pretty, professional emails for years, and we started that in a week!” :: Dr. Lisa A. Acocella at Feng Shui Your Spaces


Alejandra helped me sort through the crazy storm of good ideas, land gracefully into one project and make a go of it.


“I needed help, and then a cool fresh breeze blew in. Stabilizing, quiet, direct. Alejandra helped me sort through the crazy storm of good ideas, land gracefully into one project and make a go of it. Simplicity. And she’s not afraid of technology like I am. Amazing that all that help came in such a little package.

I’m no longer wandering around looking for a box to put things in. Clarity, thy name is Alejandra. She’s just such a joy to be around. It’s a pleasure to be around her and she’s fun to hang out with. I like her.” :: Rowan TwoSisters at Urban Curandera


 I love it when I go to her with some half-cocked idea and she makes it happen.

Blythe“Alejandra came into our lives at the right moment. Our business was trying to explode and, without help, it was actually imploding. Enter, Alejandra to the rescue! I have a lot of ideas, a ton of dreams and there aren’t enough hours in the day to make them come true. I’m tenacious, but it’s just not humanly possible. Then Alejandra started supporting our business and boom! things got real, and we were launched forward at amazing speed.

I love it when I go to her with some half-cocked idea and she makes it happen. Hence her title of Chief Making it Happen (C.MiH. for short). She has helped my business partner stay on task, focus and produce some seriously good results, which I can’t do because I live 250 miles away. Sometimes we just need a little bit of hand holding, ’cause our business can be a little sensitive or require us to be a little sensitive. She’s kind when things get emotional. I appreciate this about her. Oh and her skill set just keeps getting bigger, badder and more amazing! That’s how we roll, everybody grows.” :: Blythe TwoSisters at Punk Rock Hoops


 Alejandra is thorough and meticulous, but also generous and understanding.

Alejandra’s calm, relaxing nature just puts me at ease every time. It’s like she knows what I need as I’m saying it, so there’s never a communication issue. Before I hired Alejandra, I thought “Why can’t I just do what I know needs to be done myself?” Only HUGE people have VAs, like snotty CEOs. Now, I know that outsourcing what I don’t want to do gives me more time to do what I LOVE – whether that’s in my business or in my personal life.

Alejandra’s easy going nature makes “making decisions” a breeze, and I know I can trust her with any difficult decision. Working with Alejandra is like having a partner in my business. She really is able to put herself in my shoes and see my business from my perspective – but also in a completely new way! I know I don’t have to worry about choosing systems, combing through reviews, or understanding functionality. She figures all that stuff out for me!

Alejandra is thorough and meticulous, but also generous and understanding. There is never any issue and I never feel guilty for needing a task done – no matter how big or small. I will keep Alejandra as part of my team for a very long time. Thank you, Alejandra for doing what you do. I can tell you enjoy it and you make the whole back-end of my business so easy. I look forward to all the extra things I want to hand off to you (and that I no longer have to worry about!).” :: Victoria Montemayor at