Effortless Ontraport Migrations

Get all the fun of Ontraport, and none of the stress

Ontraport will supercharge your business if you use it right . . . I can help you do that.

You know Ontraport is great. You know it can help your business, but it’s scary to learn a new platform, right?

All that work you already did and now you have to transfer over! How will you even know how to set it up properly? Or if you’re making the most of its features?

You don’t have to know, I’ll do it for you.

I’m an Ontraport Certified Consultant with four years of experience.

I use Ontraport every day, and I know how intimidating it can be when you start.

I also know what questions to ask to get you up and going quickly.

I have helped dozens of clients with their accounts, and you can benefit from all my experience.


  • Not having to figure out the right order to change things
  • Having everything tested before you go live so you know it is working
  • Having all your emails and autoresponders copied over before you even look at a new editor
  • Your sales and checkout processes ready to make your more money without you lifting a finger

There’s no need to spend all your time and sanity on learning Ontraport from scratch, only to find out later that you did it wrong.

Instead, get my help.

Together, we can figure out what you have, what you need, and what you want Ontraport to do for you. And then I can make it happen.

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I will lay a foundation for growth that will serve you and your business in the long term.

I will set everything up, and then teach you what you need to know to keep using the system.

Once we have everything in place, I can make training videos specific to your needs, so you can always reference them when you need them.

“Alejandra takes the confusion and stress out of upgrading to Ontraport. There are so many moving parts and so many details that are easy to miss. She didn’t miss any of them. She kept me in the loop during the whole process to calm my nerves and make me feel like everything was getting taken care of and I had nothing to worry about.

It would have taken me so many hours to figure it all out, and I would have surely made mistakes. Having Alejandra do it allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business I would have otherwise had to put on hold. Not only that, but having everything setup and ready to go gave me a much shorter learning curve to take it over myself.” :: Leah Kalamakis at The Freelance to Freedom Project

So how does this work?

  • We will talk on the phone or Skype to get an idea of where you are with your business, and what moving parts will need to be transitioned into Ontraport
  • I will send you a request for information I need to get started
  • I will make a plan for the migration, and send it to you to make sure we’re on the same page
  • Then I will do what needs to be done
  • Once I’m finished, we can jump on another call to go over your new systems and how they work
  • We can also make a list of tutorials you will need, so I can record them for you to keep

What does it cost?

I work on an hourly basis and my rate is $90. I’ve done migrations in as little as 10 hours and as many as 50. Yours will depend on how much you have going on.

To get an estimate, click the button and schedule a free call.

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Interested in working with me for your Ontraport migration?  I have a special deal (if we’re a good fit, and I have space in my schedule) if you use my Ontraport Partner link.